NDA Past Questions and Answers in PDF Format | Nigerian Defence Academy Past Questions

NDA Past Questions and Answers in PDF Format | Nigerian Defence Academy Past Questions

If you did well in the just-released JAMB result, congratulations because you have surmounted the first challenge of becoming a student at the prestigious Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna.

However, the next hurdle to cross is the most important one in the Nigerian Defence Academy admission process. Is the entrance examination before the interview? 

As you already know by now, getting admission into NDA is highly competitive. Only ten persons from each state will be invited for the interview. Do not forget that there will be more than 500 persons writing the exam in each state.

Moreover, the result has shown that those who study our steadily updated NDA past questions always succeed in the exam as NDA has been known for repeating most of their questions.

Because of this, we decided to go the extra length by providing you with the past questions paper so that you can practice with it before the aptitude test. To clarify, this NDA past questions and answers will be sent to your email address and you can print it anywhere. The NDA past questions and answers are in PDF format so you can also study it on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

As a result, Candidates that have been looking for things like:

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  • Nigerian Defence Academy question papers with answers in pdf format for download
  • NDA past questions for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 an 2023 admission examination.
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Should simply get these updated NDA past questions and answers that contain all the Nigerian Defence Academy courses.

Helpful Tips For Success In Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Job Recruitment Test

Treat the test as you would any other exam in the beginning. Additionally, complete the exam quickly and precisely.

Set a strict time limit for the greatest amount of time you can spend on each question.

Additionally, complete as many questions as you can in the allotted time.

How to get the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Past Questions and Answers

To get this PDF and start practicing within the next 20 minutes, Simply follow the procedure below:

Firstly, Pay the sum of N2,000 to either of the accounts below: 

Account Name: Anyanwu Innocent Chiebuka
Account No: 0022008619
Bank: Access Bank

Account Name: Anyanwu Innocent Chiebuka
Account No: 2190177328
Bank: Zenith Bank


After payment, send a text to this number 08060833386 containing your full name, email address, and NDA Past Q & A. Once your payment is confirmed, we will send your E-book to your email immediately.


Send a recharge voucher worth N2,500 with your full name, email address, and NDA Past Q & A. We will send your E-book to your email immediately.

Practice Free Sample Past Questions and Answers From Use of English Section

Choose from the given alternatives, A D the one nearest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence

  • Mr. Kane forbore to answer the slander
    A. refused B. refrained
    C. abstained D. restrained
  • The Prisoners were given a reprieve from their sentence
    A. remission B. repressing C. temporal remission D. delay
  • The man pretended to be a door to door salesman A. attempted B. wanted
    C. claimed D. decided
  • She refused to tolerate such scandalous behaviour in her house A. condone B. permit
    C. try D. Bring
  • They refused fraternization with any of the new neighbors
    A. Fellowship B. Fraternity
    C. Association D. friendly association
  • She was caught up in an impasse
    A. impassable situation
    B. an easy situation a crime
    C. inescapable predicament
    D. a crime
  • The captain jettisoned several more cargo
    A. took on B. loaded on
    C. flung off D. abandoned
  • His talk impeded their progress
    A. stopped B. slowered down
    C. stressed D. accelerated
  • They have depleted their supply
    A. used up B. reduced
    C. exhausted D. increased
  • Frugal person
    A. economical B. Generous
    C. stingy D. forgiving
    In each questions 16-25 choose the most appropriate option opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase
  • Good students can easily identify spurious arguments
    A. genuine B. interesting
    C. false D. illogical
  • Eze’s skin now looks Flabby as a result of his changes circumstances
    A. neat B. firm
    C. weak D. oily
  • He and his lieutenants have been accused of remaining intransigent
    A. rigid B. stubborn C. compromising D. popular
  • In the opinion of most observers, it was disinterested decision A. neutral B. impartial
    C. biased D. candid
  • We watched in wonder as she rattled away in that esoteric Language
    A. inscrutable B. familiar C. secret D. obscure

To sum up, when you are done with going through the content of this webpage about NDA. You should be able to understand how to pay and get the complete NDA past questions delivered to your email and Whatsapp. Candidates should feel free to use the comment section. Because we expect you to ask your questions and share your thoughts via this comment section.



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