Akanu Ibiam Fed Poly Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Akanu Ibiam Fed Poly Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

The time has come for Candidates that met the Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana cut-off mark at the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam. To write Poly Unwana Admission Screening.

So, if you have been asking questions on what to read for this Post UTME and score very high. In order to gain admission into any Department you have chosen in Akanu Ibiam Fed Poly, then you are at the right place.

Because, we provide an updated version of Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana Post UTME Past Questions, and Answers which is in PDF format.

Get this Post UTME Past Questions and Answers and prepare for your Aptitude test with it. This will make you among the first set of Candidates to be admitted into Akanu Ibiam Fed Poly this year.

You won’t only gain admission, but you will also be admitted into the department you want. Because Candidates whose names appear on the merit list are always admitted into that very department they must have chosen.

Akanu Ibiam Fed Poly Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

How to Get the Ibiam Poly Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

To Get Poly Unwana Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers, Follow the Procedure:

Firstly, Pay the sum of N3,000 to either of the accounts below:

Account Name: Anyanwu Innocent Chiebuka
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After payment, send a text to this number 08060833386 containing your full name, email address, and Ibiam Poly Post-UTME Past Q & A. Once your payment is confirmed, we will send your E-book to your email immediately.


Send a recharge voucher worth N3,500 with your full name, email address, and Ibiam Poly Post-UTME Past Q & A. We will send your E-book to your email immediately.

Sample of Akanu Ibiam Fed Poly Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

English Language
From the words lettered A-D, choose the option that best completes the gap

  1. The accused was charged with…………. because he caused his brother’s death A. fraud
    B. killing C. fratricide D. carelessness
  2. Girls hardly talk without……… their friends’ secrets. A. reveling B. relaying C. divulging
    D. saying
  3. Who wouldn’t take offence at such a………… comment? A. ludicrous B. raucous C.
    notorious D. ridiculous
  4. First offenders are usually ……… and discharged. A. cautioned B. remanded C.
    convicted D. penalized
  5. Insulting your elders means………. troubles for yourself. A. creating B. inviting C.
    producing D. increasing
  6. Uche’s ……….of the story sounds more sincere A. narration B. common C. view D.
  7. Mrs. Ikem had an accident because she was………… A. rather driving carelessly B.
    rather carelessly driving C. driving rather carelessly D. carelessly rather driving
  8. The old woman’s illness was so serious that she was not expected to………… A. pull
    out B. pull through C. pull out D. pull off
  9. I would have arrived earlier but I was ………. in heavy traffic. A. held down B. held up C.
    held in D. held off
  10. The instruction is that you……. what is not necessary in the form. A. cross off B.
    cross by C. cross at D. cross out
  11. Jane and Mary have not been……… good terms lately. A on B. with C. in D. by
  12. His communication competence will improve…………time. A. on B. with C. in D. by
  13. He went to see………….at the door A. whos’ B. whose C. who’s D. whom
  14. My brother enjoys driving………….. top speed. A. on B. at C. with D. by
  15. I wish I………….. enough money to buy a dictionary. A. had B. have C. has D. one
  16. One should always be mindful of ……………. A. ones B. one’s C. once D. one
  17. No sooner had I started telling my story……………….. he asked me to stop A. when B.
    that C. as D. than.
  1. Ify and Mary quarreled today………….? A. aren’t they? B. weren’t they? C. don’t they D.
    didn’t they?
  2. They have not returned…………? A. haven’t they? B. aren’t they? C. have they? D. are
  3. The state football team…expected home tomorrow? A. are B. were C. was D. is
  4. I have……….on that enough before? A. lain B. laid C. lay D. lied
  5. As members of the same church, we should always come together to know……….
    better. A. ourselves B. each other c. one another D. us
    23.………. were invited to the send forth party. A. I and my brother B. my brother and I C. my brother and me D. me and my brother.
    From the words or group of words lettered A-D, choose the option that is nearest in
    meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.
  6. My father told me that he has confidence in me. A. implicit absolute B. partial C.
    normal D. faithful
  7. Her version for dating is well-understood. A. inclination B. distaste C. desire D.
  8. The wedding dress made her look resplendent. A. awful B. necessary C. helpful D.
  9. I became perplexed when she said that we were never friends. A. surprised B.
    discouraged C. confused D. disappointed
  10. He clearly stated that following the footsteps of the past executive will be inimical to
    the progress of the organization. A. harmful B. necessary C. helpful D. inevitable
  11. After the incident, he told her that his love for her was waned. A. disappeared B.
    reappeared C. diminished D. echoed
    From the words or group of words lettered A-D, choose the option that is most nearly
    opposite in meaning to the underlined word.
  12. The manger blamed my brother for breaking the door but when he discovered that
    he didn’t do it, he………..him A. compensated B. exonerated him C. rewarded D. released
  13. His hands got stuck while he was trying to force open the window but we managed
    to ………… it A. squeeze B. extract C. save D. extricate
  14. She had to compromise so as to avoid……………..with him A. issue B. accusation C.
    controversy D. concession
  15. Considering his friend’s ………… Udoka’s incompetence baffles me
    A. efficiency B. incapability C. lateness D. openness
  16. The policemen warned him to drive with care or be charged for……………… A.
    recklessness B. drunkenness C. overspeeding D. carelessness
  17. Your words shouldpacify rather than………….. A. upset B. calm C. amuse D. excite
    For each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretation that you consider
    most appropriate for the sentence
  18. The chairman announced that the peace meeting nipped the crisis n the bud. This
    means that……
    A. The crisis escalated despite the peace meeting B. The crisis was averted C. The
    peace meeting was deadlocked D. members disagreed on who should receive the flower pot.
  1. Mother advised him never to let the grass grow under his feet. This means that he
    should………A.never allow himseif to be cheated B.cut the grasses in the house regularly
    C.not to be careless D. waste time in doing things.
  2. Since we do not know what they are up to, we decided to play it by the ear. This
    means that we decided to………….. A. listen attentively to everyone B. prepare for the
    worst C. pretend to be deaf D. act according to circumstance.
  3. Their national team swept the board in the just concluded FIFA World Cup. This
    means that their team…………. A. lost completely B. prepared the field C. was completely
    successful D. won a consolation prize
  4. Her aunt warned her to beware of friends as they can throw dust in the eyes. This
    means that they can………. A. kill her B. mislead her C. discourage her D. fight hers

Solution to these Akanu Ibiam Fed Poly Post UTME Past Questions

1.C 2.C 3. D 4.A 5.A 6.D
7.C 8.B 9.B 10.D 11.A 12.C
13.C 14.B 15.A 16.B 17.D 18.D
19.C 20.D 21.A 22.C 23.B 24.A
25.B 26.D 27.C 28.A 29.C 30.B
31.D 32.C 33.A 34.A 35.A 36.B
37.D 38.D 39.C 40.B

Lastly, ensure you follow the procedure very so you can quickly get this past questions and answers. That has been compiled in PDF format and delivered to your email within a few minutes.


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