Download FULAFIA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF Format Now

Download FULAFIA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF Format Now

The good thing about this updated FULAFIA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF format is that you can download the PDF material and study it on your mobile phone or laptop. You can also print it out if you want.

We’ve received lots of testimonies from aspirants-turn-students of how our Past Questions helped them gain admission.

Moreover, JAMB has issued new admission quoter and policies to Federal University, Lafia (FULAFIA). So studying this admission screening Past Questions and Answers will make you score very high and your name will be on FULAFIA merit/first admission list.

These are the official Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers of the Federal University, Lafia (FULAFIA) for Candidates intending to write Post-UTME into Faculties of Arts, Science, and Social Sciences.

The Federal University, Lafia in Nasarawa is a good University and lots of Candidates register to write Post UTME at the school every year. As a result, you need to prepare very well because it’s going to be competitive.

Download FULAFIA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF Format

How to Download the FULAFIA  Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

To Get the FULAFIA Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers, Follow the Procedure:

Firstly, Pay the sum of N3,000 to either of the accounts below:

Account Name: Anyanwu Innocent Chiebuka
Account No: 0022008619
Bank: Access Bank

Account Name: Anyanwu Innocent Chiebuka
Account No: 2190177328
Bank: Zenith Bank


After payment, send a text to this number 08060833386 containing your full name, email address, and FULAFIA Post-UTME Past Q & A. Once your payment is confirmed, we will send your PDF to your email immediately.


Send a recharge voucher worth N3,500 with your full name, email address, and FULAFIA Post-UTME Past Q & A. We will send your PDF (E-book) to your email immediately.

Sample of FULAFIA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

54. I shall find time for my …… when I get ……. with this difficult assignment
a. Past-time/over
b. Pass-time/over
c. Pastime/through
d. Passtime/ through
55. Cairo is to Egypt as ……………….. is to Senegal
a) Bangul
b) Monrovia
c) Dakar
d) Yaoundé

  1. Lusaka is a capital city of ……………
    b) Uganda
    c) Zambia
    d) Zimbabwe
  2. Which mountain is the tallest in the world
    a) Everest
    b) Kilimanjaro
    c) Elbrus
    d) Blanc
    58. What is the full meaning of ATM?
    a)Automatic teller machine
    b)Authentic teller machine
    c)Argument teller machine
    d)Automated teller machine
  3. The young of a horse is called
    (a) foal
    (b) ewe
    (c) herd
    (d) Stallion
    (e) donkey
    60.. ……………. is used for the measurement of atmospheric pressure
    b) Barometer
    c) Hydrometer
    d) Sphygmomanometer
    61. One of the following is used in measuring wind speed
    a)Wind speed
    b) Barometer
    c) Thermometer
    d) Anemometer
  4. Patience, Abdul Rahman and Tola received three hundred and ninety-six naira to share in the ratio of 5:4:3 respectively, how much did Patience receive?
    a) N132
    b) N198 c) N99 d) N165
  1. If 125 men can do a piece of work in 120 days, how many men would be sufficient to do the same work in 109 days
    a) 115 men
    b) 96 men
    c) 180 men
    d) 150 men
  2. Shade went out with some money. She spent 5/10 of it and had #2.40 remaining. How much did she have before going out?
    a) #4.80
    b) #2.60
    c) #6.00
    d) #15.60
  3. Increase #3,400 by 13%?
    a) #442
    b) #3,842
    c) #3,413
    d) #3,952
  4. I have 25 Oranges. I gave 10 to Ade and 5 to Bola. What fraction do I have remaining?
    a) 3/5
    b) 2/5
    c) 4/5
    d) 1/5
  5. How many times is 0.04 contained in 44?
    a) 1.76
    b) 110
    c) 1100
    d) 11
  6. Divide 22 by half and deduct 4. What do you have?
    a) 20
    b) 30
    c) 40
    d) 7
  7. Five years ago, Ade was 8 years old. How old will Ade be in Ten years time?
    a) 18
    b) 13
    c) 23
    d) 28
  8. Which of the following fraction is the smallest?
    a) 1/2
    b) 1/3
    c) 1/6
    d) 1/5
  9. If you don’t want to ……. your car to robbers, then don’t travel in the night

a. Loose
b. Lose
c. Lose
d. Lost

  1. When the driver lost control of his vehicle, the pedestrians began to run for
    a. their dear lives
    b. their dear life
    c. dear lives
    d. dear life
  2. My uncle is one of the …….. of the society
    a. Elitists
    b. Elites
    c. Elite
    d. Elitist
  3. Atuk without giving any hint as to what he intended to do, went and ……. himself
    a. Hung
    b. Hang
    c. Hanged
    d. Hunged
  4. Although the manager is busy right now, he will be with you ……
    a. Immediately
    b. Soon
    c. Without delay
    d. Right away
  5. She usually works hard but ……. she could be lazy
    a. At times
    b. Atimes
    c. Attimes
    d. At time
  6. I would like to …… my father to Kaduna
    a. Accompany
    b. Follow
    c. Escort
    d. Join
  7. The man declared his intention from the ……..
    a. Onset
    b. Inset
    c. Outset
    d. Offset
  8. Audi fought with his ……. brother
    a. Senior
    b. Older
    c. Elder
    d. Bigger
  9. The loquacious young lad reeled off all the names of the players …..
    a. Off head
    b. At hand
    c. At heart
    d. Off hand

Some Answers

  1. B
  2. D
  3. C
  4. C
  5. B
  6. A
  7. A
  8. C
  9. C
  10. D

Lastly, ensure you follow the procedure very so you can quickly get this past questions and answers. That has been compiled in PDF format and delivered to your email within a few minutes.


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