Download IMT Enugu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF Format

Download IMT Enugu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF Format

The good thing about this updated IMT Enugu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is in PDF format. Is that you can download the PDF material and study it on your mobile phone or laptop. You can also print it out if you want.

We’ve received lots of testimonies from aspirants-turn-students of how our Past Questions helped them gain admission.

Moreover, JAMB has issued new admission quoter and policies to the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu (IMT). So studying this admission screening Past Questions and Answers will make you score very high and your name will be on the IMT Enugu merit/first admission list.

These are the official Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers of the Institute of Management Technology (IMT). For Candidates intending to write Post-UTME into all Art Faculties, School of Business Studies, Communication Arts, Financial studies, and all Science, Technology, Engineering & Environmental Courses

IMT Enugu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF

-IMT Post-UTME is now a Computer-based test and lasts for 1 hour
-Ensure you are well-composed
-Ensure you arrive at the test centre 30 mins to the starting time
-Endeavor is to come to the test centre with evidence of IMT Post UTME invoice/receipt, Acknowledgement slip and original JAMB result printed in colour.
-Use of calculators and other electronic devices is not allowed at the screening venue.

How to Download the IMT  Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

To Get IMT Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers, Follow the Procedure:

Firstly, Pay the sum of N3,000 to any of the accounts below:

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Secondly, send a text to this number 08060833386 containing your full name, email address, IMT Enugu Post-UTME Past Q & A, and the title of your school or department. Once your payment is confirmed, we will send your PDF to your email immediately.


Send a recharge voucher worth N3,500 with your full name, email address, IMT Enugu Post-UTME Past Q & A, and the title of your school or department. We will send your PDF (E-book) to your email immediately.

Sample of IMT Post UTME Past Questions and Answers


  1. Find the mean of 9,13,16,17,19, 24,23,24. Convert to two decimal places A. 16.33 B.
    16.50 C. 17.29 D. 23.00
  2. Calculate the total angle of rotation if the minute hand of a clock rotates for one
    hour, fifteen minutes A. 900 B. 1800 C. 5400 D. 3600
  3. A man bought 220 mangoes, at N5x, he sold each for 3x kobo and made a gain of N8.
  4. Find the value of x. A. 10 B. 6 C. 5 D. 2
  5. A sales girl give a change of N1.15 to a customer instead of N1.25. Calculate her
    percentage error. A. 0.8% B. 8% C. 2.4% D. 10%
  6. Find the sum of the ages of three men, if their age ratio is 3:4:5 and the difference
    between the ages of the oldest and the youngest is 18 years.
    A. 216 yrs B. 108 yrs C. 72 yrs D. 45 yrs
  7. Express 0.0642 in standard form A. 0.642 x 10 B. 0.642 x 104 C. 6.42 x 104 D. 6.42 x
  8. Divide the L.C.M of 48, 64 and 80 by their H.C.F. A. 60 B. 48 C. 30 D. 20
  9. Joseph deposited N150.00 in the bank. At the end of 5 years, the simple interest on
    the principle was N55.00. At what rate per annum was the interest paid? A. 3% B. 5% C. 7% D. 11%
  10. A regular polygon of n sides has 160 as the size of each interior angle. Find n.
    A. 12 B. 14 C.16 D. 18
  11. Find the median of numbers 89, 141, 130, 161, 0, 131, 131, 100, 108 and 119.
    A. 120 B. 123 C. 125 D. 131
  12. A man bought goats for N4000.00 each. He sold them for N180,000.00 at a loss of
    25%. How many goats did he buy?.
    A. 36 B. 45 C. 50 D. 60
  13. If x varies directly as the product of U and V and inversely as their sum. If x = 3 when
    U = 3 and V = 1, what is the value of x if u = 3 and v = 3? A. 9 B. 6 C. 4 D. 3
  14. An aeroplane flies due north from airport p to Q and then flies due east to R. If Q is
    equidistant from P and R, find the bearing of P from R. A. 2700 B. 2250 C. 1350 D. 0900
  15. If the four interior angles of a quadrilateral are (P + 10)0, (P – 20)0, and (P + 15), then
    P is A. 1050 B. 1350 C. 820 D. 1250
  1. If N560.70 is shared in the ratio 7:2:1, what is the smallest share? A. N56.07 B. N112.
    14 C. 113.40 D. 56.70
  2. Find the smallest number by which 252 can be multiplied to obtain a perfect square
    A. 7 B. 5 C. 3 D. 2
  3. Obi was 24 years old in 1984. In what year was Obi exactly half his father’s age A.
    1982 B. 1978 C. 1979 D. 1981
  4. Anthony’s weekly wages are N36.00 for the next 24 weeks. Find his average weekly
    wage for the remaining 8 weeks of the year, if his average weekly wage for the whole
    year is N30.00 A. N25.00 B. 30.00 C. 35.00 D. N36.00
  5. If the heights of two circular cylinders are in the ratio of 2:3 and their base radii are
    in the ratio of 9:8. What is the rate of their volumes?
    A. 27.32 B. 27 C. 23.32 D. 21.27
  6. Convert 5.2415936 to five decimal place. A. 5.24159 B. 5.24160 C. 0.52415 D. 5.
  7. Express x naira and y kobo
    A. + y B. 100x + y C. 100 (X+Y) D.
  8. Simplify () x 1
    A. B. C. D.
  9. The bearing of x from y is 074 What is the bearing of 0. y from x? A. 1060 B. 1480 C.
    1640 D. 2540
  10. Express 495g as a percentage of 16.5kg A. 3% B. 3 C. 15%
    D. 30%
  11. Find the value of 22x y if x + y = 8 and 4x y = 22. A. 4 B. 6 C. 8 D. 10
  12. A sum of money is shared between the students so that the first gets N80, the next
    gets N105, the next gets N130 and so on. How much does the tenth student get? A.
    N280 B. 305 C. 330 D. 400
  13. Find the sum of all the multiples of 7 between o and 300 A. 6321 B. 2058 C. 2107 D.
  14. A square field has an area of 2 hectares. Find the length of a side in metres to the
    nearest meter. A. 16m B. 50m C. 500m D. 158m
  15. Two coins are tossed. The probability of getting at least one head is………. A. B. 0 C.
    1 D.
  16. Find the size of an exterior angle of a regular octagon A. 300B. 360
    C. 400D. 450

The Solution to these IMT Post UTME Past Questions

41.C 42.D 43.C 44.B 45.B 46.D 47.A 48.C 49.D 50.C 51.D 52.C 53.B 54.C 55.A 56.A 57.D 58.D 59.A 60.A 61.B 62.B 63.D 64.A 65.C 66.B 67.A 68.D 69.A 70.D

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Lastly, ensure you follow the procedure very so you can quickly get this past questions and answers. That has been compiled in PDF format and delivered to your email within a few minutes.


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