Download PTDF Postgraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers (MSc and PhD)

Download PTDF Postgraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers (MSc and PhD)

You can’t afford to write the PTDF Postgraduate (MSc and PhD) scholarship exam without our PTDF Overseas and Local Scholarship material in PDF format.

In other words, the past questions and answers we have provided here will surely enable you to excel in this soon-coming PTDF Postgraduate Scholarship aptitude test.

The vision of the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) is to serve as an instrument for the development of indigenous manpower and technology acquisition in the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria. Therefore, making Nigeria a human resource center for the West Africa sub-region in the Petroleum Sector.

PTDF Postgraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

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Sample Past Questions From This PTDF Past Questions and Answers Material (General Paper Section)

  1. Which state of Nigeria is known as the “Food Basket of the Nation”?
    A. Kogi
    B. Benue
    C. Kwara
    D. Zamfara
    E. Ondo
  2. What does the acronym EFCC stand for?
    A. Engineering and Financial Crimes Commission
    B. Economic and Financial Commission for Crimes
    C. Economic and Financial Commission against Crimes
    D. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
    E. Economic and Financial Crimes Corporation
  3. Free markets……
    A. Are markets where commodities are free
    B. Are markets where commodities are very cheap
    C. Allow prices to be determined purely by the forces of demand and supply
    D. Allow only the rich to purchase commodities
    E. Are markets for everybody
  4. All major engineering projects must be preceded by
    A. Environmental Impact Assessment
    B. Energy Use Assessment
    C. Energy Input Assessment
    D. Environmental Input Assessment
    E. Reliability studies
  5. Planning process includes all the following except
    A. Establishing a goal
    B. Managerial grid
    C. Forecasting
    D. Budgeting
    E. Critical path analysis
  6. The obligation of an officer to prosecute an assigned task to the best of his/her
    knowledge and to which he/she is answerable is
    A. Authority
    B. Responsibility
    C. Delegation
    D. Power
    E. Government
  7. If the ice in Antarctica were to melt, sea level worldwide will rise by
    A. 1meter
    B. 2.5meters
    C. 0.5meters
    D. 5.ometers
    E. 12.0meters
  8. Who does not belong in the following list?
    A. Orhan Pamulk
    B. Joseph Stiglitz
    C. Dario Fo
    D. Wole Soyinka
    E. Saul Bellow
  9. The five founding members of OPEC were

A. Algeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Nigeria
B. Angola, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE
C. Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia
D. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela
E. Qatar, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia

  1. If the letters RAPIS are rearranged it will give the name of a
    A. City
    B. State
    C. Ocean
    D. Animal
    E. Country
  2. Which one makes the best comparison, ICAFE is to 93165 as FACED is
    A. 61354
    B. 31654
    C. 61453
    D. 41356
    E. 63145
  3. Which one is most different from others?
    A. Horse
    B. Kangaroo
    C. Zebra
    D. Deer
    E. Donkey
  4. Water is to cup as letter is to
    A. Envelope

B. Stamp
C. Book
D. Pen
E. Mail

  1. A fish has a head 9cm long. The tail of the fish is equal to the size of the head plus one-
    half the size of the body. The body is the size of the head plus the tail. How long is the fish?

A. 27cm
B. 63cm
C. 54cm
D. 72cm
E. 81cm

  1. During the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade that lasted from the 15th – 19th century
    approximately……persons were taken from Africa to America?
    A. 20,000,000
    B. 7,000,000
    C. 11,000,000
    D. 1,000,000
    E. 25,000,000
  2. Which is the odd one out?
    A. Kalabari
    B. Atacama
    C. Arizona-Sonora
    D. Atherton Tableland
    E. Gobi
  3. Summer and Winter solstice are characterised by
    A. The sun is closest to the equator
    B. The sun is furthest from the north or South of theequator

C. The sun and the moon are aligned vertically
D. The sun and the moon are aligned horizontally
E. None of the above

  1. The most polluted city in the world is
    A. Lagos
    B. Linfen
    C. Sao Paulo
    D. Caracas
    E. Calcutta
  2. The Nigerian Armed forces Remembrance Day is celebrated on
    A. 29th July
    B. 27th August
    C. 15th January
    D. 1st October
    E. 11th November
  3. The three players shortlisted for CAF player of the year 2006 are
    A. Kanu, Drogba, Essien
    B. Kanu, Martins, Drogba
    C. Essien, Drogba, Eto’o
    D. Aiyegbeni, Eto’o, Essien
    E. Martins, Kanu, Essien


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