Zenith Bank Past Questions and Answers for Computer Based Job Aptitude Test

Zenith Bank Past Questions and Answers for Computer-Based Job Aptitude Test – PDF

The best way to prepare and excel in Zenith Bank Nigeria Job Aptitude Test is by studying this comprehensive and updated Past Questions and Answers.

Therefore, if you want to Apply for a Job at Zenith Bank or You got an invite to Participate in the Zenith Bank Nigeria Job Aptitude Test/Interview, then this Past Questions and Answers in PDF format is for you.

Moreover, the Zenith Bank Job Recruitment CBT Past Questions you’ll get here contain Answers that best define each Question. That is to say, these past questions will help you have a clear understanding of what the Zenith Bank assessment test, exam and interview look like.

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Zenith Bank GMAT Job Recruitment Aptitude Test Sample Questions and Answers

Q1.  Assume that the percentage change trends between the Current Year and Next Year continue at the same rate for a subsequent year. What s the subsequent year s average entry-level graduate salary across the 5 sectors (to the nearest 500)

(A) 28,000

(B) 28,500

(C) 29,000

(D) 29,500

(E) Can t tell from data

Q2. In Year 3 a company paid the average entry graduate starting salaries when recruiting 15 graduates for a consultancy role and 6 graduates for a research role. What was the average salary per recruited graduate

(A) 26,000

(B) 26,114

(C) 26,429

(D) 26,500

(E) 27,000

Q3. Which sector has seen the smallest percentage increase in graduate entry-level salary between Year 2 and the Current Year

(A) Engineering

(B) Research

(C) Consulting

(D) Legal

(E) Accounting

Q4. The current year s entry-level graduate salaries for working in logistics and retail are 25,000 and 24,000 respectively. If these sectors experience the same percentage change as the legal sector over the same period, what s next year s predicted entry-level graduate

salary in the logistics and retail sectors (to the nearest 100)

(A) 24,800 (logistics); 25,800 (retail)

(B) 25,100 (logistics); 25,300 (retail)

(C) 25,500 (logistics); 25,000 (retail)

(D) 25,800 (logistics); 24,800 (retail)

(E) Can t tell from data

5. We are proud to say that today _____26 per cent of our total

accounts are_____by women and senior citizens.

(A) approximate, held

(B) nearly, authorized

(C) over, maintain

(D) above, open

(E) around, operated

We also have Answers and Detailed Explanations to these Questions.

In conclusion, feel free to tell us what you have in mind and equally ask your questions via the comment section.


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