Download AAU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers – PDF

Download AAU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers – PDF

The good thing about this updated AAU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is in PDF format. Is that you can download the PDF material and study it on your mobile phone or laptop. You can also print it out if you want.

Moreover, JAMB has issued new admission quoter and policies to Ambrose Alli University (AAU). So studying this admission screening Past Questions and Answers will make you score very high and your name will be on AAU merit/first admission list.

These are the official Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers of Ambrose Alli University (AAU). For candidates intending to write Post-UTME into Faculties of Art (Law, Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Etc) Medicine, Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Environmental Sciences.

AAU normally writes some of these subjects like English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry for some faculties listed above.

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How to Download the AAU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

You can download the general post UTME past questions and answers for all the Universities in Nigeria.

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Sample of AAU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

  1. Awolowo is dead. ………. ?
    (a)Is he
    (b)was he
    (c)Isn’t he
    (d)wasn’t he
    2. Neither Agbo nor his parents …….. the meetings now
    (b) attends
    (c)has attended
    (d) attend
    3. The result of his experiment represents a breakthrough in medical science
    (a)An outstanding success
    (c)an end to such experiments
    (d)a breaking point
    (e)a colossal failure
  1. Which of these is correctly spelt
    (a) lenght
    (b) lentgh
    (c) length
    (d) lenghtt
    (e) lengtt
  2. Must you say “good morning” to everyone in the street ? No …….
    a. I needn’t
    b. I mustn’t
    c. I can’t
    d. I do not need
    e. I will have to
  3. Kumasi is in which of these countries

(a) Morocco
(b) Senegal
(c) Rwanda
(d) Niger
(e) Ghana

  1. Who scored Nigeria’s goals in 2010 world cup in South Africa
    (a)Obafemi Martins
    (b) Nwankwo Kanu
    (c) John Obi Mikel
    (d) Kalu Uche
    (e) Ikechuckwu Uche
  2. When the beggar was tired, he ……. down by the road side.
    a. Lied
    b. Laid
    c. Layed
    d. Lay
    e. Lain
  3. He did not like ………. leaving the class early
    a. We
    b. Us
    c. Our
    d. Ourselves
    e. Our selves
  4. Nearest in meaning
    His jail terms were to run concurrently
    a. Simultaneously
    b. uniformly
    c. Laboriously
    d. Consecutively
    e. Judiciously
  5. Only the small fry get punished for such social misdemeanours
    a. Small boys
    b. Unimportant people
    c. Frightened people
    d. Frivolous people
    e. Inexperienced people
  6. The traffic situation in Lagos can lead to disastrous consequences; a man lost a very lucrative job because he was held up by it
    a. Confused
    b. Delayed
    c. Annoyed
    d. Intrigued
    e. Obstructed
  7. The state government appointed a commission of inquiring to go into the community’s complaints.

a. Investigate
b. Search
c. Look for
d. Account for
e. Ascertain

  1. Granted you are my senior by one year, you cannot …….. me around as if I were your servant
    a. Control
    b. Dribble
    c. Order
    d. Ask
    e. Compel
  2. Opposite in Meaning
    The government is making determined efforts to eradicate illiteracy
    a. Compulsory
    b. Unreliable
    c. Innocent
    d. Ineffective
  3. Opposite in meaning
    Sola’s car is badly damaged; he has to look for an expert mechanic to fix it
    a. Uneducated
    b. Amateurish
    c. Awkward
    d. Scientific
  4. Opposite in meaning
    The judge blamed the plaintiff for misleading the court
    a. Complainant
    b. Accused
    c. Defendant
    d. Prosecution
  5. I look forward to ……. you next week
    a. seen
    b. seeing
    c. be seeing
    d. see
  6. …….. told of his impending arrival l worked hard to make his short stay very comfortable
    a. Have being
    b. Having been
    c. Have been
    d. Having being
  7. The villagers ……… to grow rice
    a. Used
    b. Are used
    c. Were used
    d. Use
  8. I have already ……. The picture on the sitting room wall
    a. hanged
    b. hunged

c. hang
d. hung

  1. Adika …… a message from the club regularly
    a. Receives
    b. Had received
    c. Receive
    d. Has received
  2. The board has been having ……. series of meetings lately.
    a. Some
    b. a
    c. a lot of
    d. Many
  3. …….. Lawyers enrolled at the Nigerian Bar last year ……. this year
    a. As much/As
    b. Very many/than
    c. More/ than
    d. As many/ than
  4. I’m sorry I can’t give you any of the oranges. I have ……. Left
    a. Few
    b. Little
    c. only a little
    d. A few
  5. I can’t offer you another loan, I have ……. Money left in my account.
    a. A few
    b. a little
    c. Little
    d. few
  6. Do you think all ……. Not enough to help with the investigations ?
    a. These informations are
    b. This informations is
    c. This information is
    d. These informations are
  7. The police came early enough to ….. bomb planted by the rioters
    a. Diffuse
    b. Insulate
    c. Detonate
    d. Defuse
  8. The visitor was very uncomfortable because of his …….. nose
    a. Runny
    b. Running
    c. Watery
    d. Flowing
  1. I have the ……. of meeting him
    a. Previlege
    b. Privilege
    c. Priviledge
    d. Previledge
  2. All God’s prophets were given the great ……….
    a. Commision
    b. Commition
    c. Comission
    d. Commission
  3. The attitude of my students to ……….. Baffles me
    a. Pronunciation
    b. Pronounciation
    c. Pronouceation
    d. pronounceation
  4. Each of the houses ……. a new look
    a. Have got
    b. Have
    c. Has
    d. Were given
  5. Four weeks …… enough for the police to conclude their investigation
    a. Were
    b. Is
    c. Are
    d. Has been
  6. The quality of your questions which ……. always attracted attention …….. never been in doubt
    a. Have / has
    b. Have / have
    c. Has / has
    d. Has / have
  7. The police claim that a number of stolen cars ……. Recoverem
    a. Have been
    b. Has been
    c. Has being
    d. Have being
  8. One of the girls who ……. Impregnated ……. died
    a. Was / have
    b. Were / have
    c. Was / has
    d. Were / has
  1. My MOTHER served rice and fresh fish stew for dinner
    a. What kind of meal did your mother serve for dinner ?
    b. Did your mother serve rice and fresh stew for lunch ?
    c. What kind of stew did your mother serve for dinner ?
    d. Who serve a rice and fish stew for dinner ?
  2. Although he is in all respects a poor student, he has managed to buy a tape recorder to improve his …….. of French
    a. mastering
    b. Ideas
    c. speaking
    d. Thinking
    e mastery
  3. Invariably he ends all his letters “……. amicably”
    a. You
    b. Your’s
    c. Yours’
    d. Yours
    e. Your own
  4. We should take care …….. the robbers come back
    a. May be
    b. Should in case
    c. Perhaps
    d. Probably
    e. In case
  5. The man no longer feared his opponent after their spokesman had assured him that they were well disposed ……. him
    a. To
    b. Around
    c. About
    d. Towards
    e. For
  6. Our plane was scheduled to ……. at 10:00 hrs but it was delayed because of bad weather
    a. Fly out
    b. Take off
    c. Start out
    d. Shoot off
    e. Lift off
  7. The frightening explosion in the factory ……. whole wing
    a. Washed out
    b. rooted out
    c. Wiped out
    d. Flushed out
    e. Cleared out
  8. 2008 Olympic games was held in


  1. A man buys recharge card for N500. He sells it for N430. What is the percentage loss?
  2. President Barrack Obama is the……………… president of the United States of America and first African-American president of U.S.
  3. A place where two rivers meet is called a ……………
    (a) Joint
    (b) Junction
    (c) Confluence
    (d) Delta
  4. The Managing Director did not pay his staff last month ….. ?
    a. Didn’t he
    b. Had he not
    c. Is not it
    d. Did he
    e. Has he
  5. If you would do me this favour, I …… be very grateful
    a. Will
    b. Shall
    c. Would
    d. Should
  6. Rhymes
    a. College
    b. Chemical
    c. Chairman
    d. Champagne
  7. Three quarters of the people in the village …… killed, but only half of their huts …… affected
    a. were/was
    b. Were/were
    c. Was/were
    d. Was/was
  8. The sergeant spoke to me in a …….. manner
    a. Coerce
    b. Coarse
    c. Course d. Casual

Answers/Solutions to these Questions

  1. C
    Explanation: A positive statement will give a negative question tag and vice versa.
  1. D
    Explanation: The subject is after nor which is“ his parents “ being plural in nature will attract attend not attends (singular verb)
  2. A
    Explanation: A breakthrough is synonymous with an outstanding success
  3. C
  4. A
  5. E
    Kumasi is in Ghana
  6. D
    Kalu Uche was the goals scorer
  7. D
  8. C
    “Our” (action of) not “Us” (action of) leaving the class.
  9. A
    Simultaneously is synonymous to Concurrently.
  10. B
    Small fry as an idiom refers to Unimportant people.
  11. B
    Delayed is correct here.
  12. A
    The phrasal verb “to go into” means to investigate.
  13. C
    You only “order” people around.
  14. D
    Ineffective is the proper antonym here.
  15. B
  16. C

The opposite of plaintiff is Defendant.

  1. B
    Note: With a view to, accustomed to, look forward to etc. are accompanied by an -ing verb.
  2. B
    Having been is the correct option here
  3. A
    This means there was a time they were in the habit of growing rice. Used to would have been correct only if it is followed by growing indicating continuous activity.
  4. D
    When it involves non human, hung is used. Note: hung can only apply to parts of the body suspended in a position that does not connote killing.
  5. A
    Receives as a present tense like all other present tenses can be used for an habitual action.
  6. B
  7. C
    More and than can only be the answer here since we are comparing a countable noun.
  8. A
    Few is correct as it is used for countable nouns like Oranges and also shows or indicates not enough.
  9. C
    Since money is an uncountable noun, only little (inadequate) can be used here.
  10. C
    The information must not take an “s” and since it is an uncountable noun only a singular determinant “This” and singular verb “is” can accompany it.
  11. D
    Defuse means make not to explode and is apt in this situation.
  12. A
    Runny is the right term for nasal discharges.
  1. B
    Privilege has no “d”
  2. D
    Commission has two “m” and two “s”.
  3. A
    Pronunciation without an “o” between the two “Ns” is the correct spelling for pronunciation.
  4. C
    Each is accompanied by a singular verb, hence “has” is correct.
  5. B
    Is employed for a stretch of time taken for an activity to be completed.
  6. A
    Questions which “have”, Quality (uncountable noun) “has”
  7. A
    A number of is usually followed by a plural verb. Have been is correct in this instance.
  8. D
    The girls who “were”, but one of them “has” died.
  9. D
  10. E
    Mastery is the correct answer here not mastering.
  11. D
    Yours without an apostrophe is correct.
  12. E
    Either “ In case” or “ Should “ should be used exclusively not together.
  13. D
    Disposed towards is the right answer here.
  14. B
    A plane take off or touched down. Meaning to ascend and descend respectively.


  1. E
    It was held in Beijing, China.
  2. C
    100% — 500
    X —- 430
    X= (430 × 100)/500
    X = 86
    Therefore = 100 – 86 = 14%
  3. B
    Barack Obama was the 44th president of the U.S.A
  4. C
    The answer here is Confluence and Lokoja is Kogi State in North Central Nigeria is the most notable example of a confluence town in this part of the world.
  5. D
    Did he is correct because the statement “did not” shows negativity which can only be followed by a positive tag.
  6. D
    Should is more polite and should be preferred to would. The other two options are in present tense and picking them would render the verb sequence unbalanced.
  7. D
    Champagne rhymes with Chalet, with both having the “Sh” consonant.
  8. B
    Both of the subjects are plural hence were/were is correct.
  9. D
    Casual is more apt with manner, whereas coarse has to do with voice. Coerce on the other hands means to force.
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