UNIOSUN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF Format

UNIOSUN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF Format

The good thing about this updated UNIOSUN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF format. Is that you can download the PDF material and study it on your mobile phone or laptop. You can also print it out if you want.

Moreover, JAMB has issued new admission quoter and policies to Osun State University (UNIOSUN). So studying this admission screening Past Questions and Answers will make you score very high and your name will be on UNIOSUN merit/first admission list.

These are the official Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers of the Osun State University (UNIOSUN). Which contains Mathematics, English Language, and Current affairs for Candidates intending to write Post-UTME in Faculties/Colleges of Agriculture, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities and Culture, Law, Management and Social Sciences, and Science (Engineering and Technology).

Also, the material was gotten directly from the School’s ICT Unit, so students who use this material are sure to come out with good grades!!.

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How to Get the UNIOSUN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

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UNIOSUN Post UTME Sample Past Questions and Answers

  1. The judge restrained the landlord from ……… the tenant
    a) sacking
    b) ejecting
    c) dismissing
    d) disqualifying
  1. The university awarded ……. doctoral degrees to four distinguished members of the community
    a) honorable

b) expensive
c) ceremonious
d) ceremonial
e) honorary

  1. The students threatened to embark on a …….. of lectures if their demands were not met
    a) condonation
    b) suspension
    c) rejection
    d) strike
    e) boycott
  2. The kidnappers demanded a ……….. of N50,0000 before they would release the rich businessman
    a) levy
    b) ransom
    c) penalty
    d) freedom
    e) condition
  3. The government scolded the contractors for the poor ……… of the project
    a) prosecution
    b) investigation
    c) execution
    d) installation
    e) establishment
  1. The new car is strikingly attractive but I very much doubt its ……
    a) durability
    b) style
    c) harmony
    d) longetivity
    e) complexity
  2. Since there were no further comments the chairman called for the …….. of the minutes of the last meeting
    a) objection
    b) resolution
    c) admission
    d) adoption
    e) kidnap
  3. There was a ten-minute ……. during the stage performance of the play
    a) interim
    b) interview
    c) interlude
    d) interplay
    e) intercession
  4. The judge warned that he would not tolerate any interruption of the ……. of the court.
    a) proceeds
    b) deliberations
    c) debates
    d) proceedings e) processions
  1. The satellite maintains a constant ……… round the earth
    a) path
    b) orbit
    c) circle
    d) route
    e) chart
  2. I want to know your religious ……..
    a) believe
    b) believing
    c) beliefs
    d) believes
  3. He runs …….
    a) rather much fast
    b) quite rather fast
    c) rather too fast
    d) too rather fast
  4. The previous assignment was …….. for me
    a) much too difficult
    b) too much difficult
    c) difficult too much
    d) much difficult too
  5. The TV set, …….. was damaged last week, had been taking to the electronics engineer
    a) which
    b) who
    c) of whom
    d) of which
  6. My …….. house is by the side of the road
    a) father-in-law’s
    b) father’s-in-law
    c) fathers’-in-law
    d) father-in-law
  7. The students were advised to look …….. difficult words in the dictionary
    a) in
    b) on
    c) out
    d) up
  8. He was charged with complicity ……. the abortive coup
    a) in
    b) for
    c) about
    d) on
  9. He was convicted ……. Stealing some bags of cocoa
    a) with
    b) in
    c) of
    d) for
  1. Mary said she was acting …… the instructions of the principal
    a) by
    b) on
    c) for
    d) through
  2. ……… normal circumstances, it is rare to get all registered voters to vote.
    a) on
    b) by
    c) in
    d) under
  3. Salary cuts could be the …………… of the worker’s protest
    a) course
    b) curse
    c) cause
    d) coarse
  4. Neither John nor Mary felt happy ……… the incident
    a) for
    b) in
    c) about
    d) by
  5. Any parent would be pleased ……….. Such impressive performance
    a) at
    b) from
    c) with
    d) for
  6. Stella wanted to show …… with her necklace
    a) off
    b) on
    c) over
    d) back
  7. The woman …… daughter he married, is his mother-in-law
    a) whose
    b) which
    c) her
    d) whom
  8. He acts as if he …… a general manager
    a) is been
    b) were
    c) has been
    d) is being
  9. The national essay competition came ……. on the 23rd of July 1986
    a) out
    b) in
    c) by
    d) up
  1. Mrs Nwokolo had …… her breakfast before her friend came in
    a) has
    b) have
    c) had
    d) been had
  2. If the two boys …… been bitten by the snake, they should be taken to the hospital
    a) has
    b) had
    c) have
    d) is
  3. The man ……. missed death during the collision
    a) extensively
    b) always
    c) narrowly
    d) amply
  4. I started writing at 9am. It is now 10. By 11am, I ….. writing for 2 hours
    a) will be
    b) am
    c) will have been
    d) have been
  5. My ……. to you, students, is to be good
    a) advice
    b) advise
    c) adverse d) advances
  1. The car couldn’t keep pace ……. the motor cycle especially in congested areas
    a) along
    b) with
    c) down
    d) on
  2. I want everybody to learn the last ten lines of the poem …… heart
    a) with
    b) in
    c) for
    d) by
  3. They went …….. talking after midnight despite the fact that they all had to get up early
    a) by
    b) for
    c) on
    d) with

Answers/Solutions to these Questions

1B 2E 3E 4B 5C 6A 7D 8C 9D 10B 11C
12C 13A 14A 15A 16D 17A 18D 19B 20D 21C
22C 23C 24A 25A 26B 27D 28C 29C 30C 31C
32A 33B 34D 35C

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